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Patient Reviews

Best experience EVER with root canal. Dr. Langer is such a kind man, with positive vibes, that his whole office is friendly, and helpful. My root canal was PAINLESS, and I even laughed many times during the procedure!


Heather R.

Dr. Paul Langer and his staff took such great care of me! I was so impressed by how quick and painless the process was. I have bad anxiety going to a dentist in general so can you imagine what my nerves were coming in? His amazing front desk eased my worries right away. They had music playing and a stress ball ready. Dr. Langer communicated with me the entire time and kindly reassure me to let me know everything is going as plan. He have state of the art equipment that allow him to work on your tooth/teeth with precision. Afterward, I kept waiting for aches that never came. It’s been over 24 hours and I am still pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Langer.



I was referred to Dr. Langer by a work colleague for an emergency root canal. He is simply an outstanding Endodontist. He was patient, meticulous, thorough, with an excellent beside manner and paid careful attention to pain management. He will also call you to follow up and is extremely accessible should you need to speak to him after you leave his office. His work was so good that my regular dentist, upon seeing the results, proclaimed it a “beautiful root canal” and now refers all of his root canal patients to Dr. Langer, even though his office is 45 minutes away! Additionally, his office staff is a pleasure to deal with. His stellar reputation is well deserved!!!


Debra D.

I was referred to Dr. Langer by my dentist for a root canal. My dentist’s staff called Dr. Langer’s office , explained the situation and although a busy office, I was given an appt. that day. Dr. Langer’s staff are gracious and efficient. Dr. Langer has a wonderful ability to talk you through the entire procedure. He is knowledgeable, talented and very kind. He surrounds himself with professional assistants with whom he has a wonderful rapport. My root canal was a painless and yes pleasant, experience.
Thank you so much, Dr. Langer and staff!


Mary C.

I have massive dentist anxiety and was referred to Dr Langer for a root canal. The entire experience from the first phone call I made to the minute I walked out the door was an A+ experience. They offer nitrous oxide at the office, which brought my anxiety level down to a zero! Dr Langer’s bedside manner is completely approachable and sincere. They did everything possible to make this procedure as comfortable and pain free as possible. Hopefully I won’t need another root canal any time soon but if I do, I know where I’ll go. Highly Recommended!


Alyson P. H.

I have known Dr. Langer for about 5 years now, but never needed his expertise….until now. I had an old root canal go bad and was in excruciating pain. After taking me right away, not only was the pain relieved after I left, but I still had my tooth! I thought I was going to lose it! Successful retreat! I’m so happy!


Jeffrey W.

Dr. Langer and his staff are awesome. Beautiful office. They were able to see me within two hours of me calling.


Mj V.

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr Langer and his team. I had an emergency with my back tooth and he saw me immediately, then referred me to an oral surgeon around the corner getting me an immediate appointment. By the next day I experienced worse symptoms and once again his professional staff told me to come in that morning. In fact, when I called that morning, the woman that answered the phone remembered me and said she was thinking about me since the day before. Within the next few hours, Dr. langer and Jen opened up my tooth and cleaned out the necrotic tissue/ nerve. They then called the oral surgeon around the corner who extracted my fractured tooth. Dr. langer and his team treated me like family. Being a healthcare professional myself, that really meant a lot to me. Thanks again for treating me in such a timely fashion and for taking care of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. 😀.”


Aimee A

“Couldn’t be more professional, comfortable and best of all painless. I’ve been to Dr. Langer twice for root canal issues. Dr. Langer is the nicest guy. His technique, professionalism and skill is without a doubt a cut above. I would highly recommend him.”


Greg S.

“I would highly recommend anyone come to Dr. Langer’s office! I had a traumatizing experience at my local Dentist that delayed me getting the care I needed to fix my tooth. When the tooth began to flare up, I knew I had do something. Thankfully my emergency dentist recommended Dr. Langer to do the job, as he felt that he was the only one he trusted to get this job done. Naturally, having a complex situation and my previous experience in the back of my mind, I was very nervous. My visit with Dr. Langer and experience with his root canal therapy has helped reduce my anxiety surrounding dental care. He and his staff made every effort to make sure I was comfortable and that I wouldn’t feel any pain. In addition, they were able to move my appointment up significantly earlier by putting me on their priority care list, which made all the difference. Thank you so much Dr. Langer and your staff for easing my pain and anxiety. I am eternally grateful.”


Carol F.

“ I have really been happy with my experience with Dr. Langer so far. He really kept me at ease during my retreatment and has a great personality! His staff is especially kind and helpful as well.”


Shannon Z.

“My experience with Dr. Langer’s office was phenomenal. He was able to restore one of my teeth after a military dentist pushed for extraction. His staff was very friendly and professional. The office had a very comfortable and modern feel to it. Dr. Langer explained everything during the process and was extremely positive and reassuring. Hands down the best dental team I’ve ever worked with.”


Michael S.

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